Heater fails on start

I’ve used my mpcnc for milling, vinyl cutting, and drawing, but when I hook up the print head, and tell it to preheat it fails.

I get 12v (roughly) on the D10 output, but the heater never gets warm, and eventually times out (Heater failed to heat msg).

Bought everything from here, no electrical or firmware mods.
12v 6amp output on powersource (also got from here).

Not using end stops

Preheating via screen (not connected to pc).

I’m assuming I did something wrong with the wiring?

You should get a red led when the heater is on, do you?

Either way, try plugging the heater into the D9 the fan port and turn the fan on to 255, see if it gets warm, don’t go too long though as there is no temp control.

Yeh the red led turns on (wasn’t sure if that was bad or not, good to know that’s not bad lol).
will try in D9 w/ fan setting, one sec.

video of it doing it

ok, put the heater into D9, Switched fan to 255.
got 12.8v from D9 and heater remained cold to the touch, screen never showed a change in temp either.

It’s likely to be a defective heater cartridge. If you have a multimeter you can check its resistance, it should be a few ohms. If the resistance is high or if you have infinite resistance, then just replace the heating element with a new one.

I can’t get it to do anything w/ ohms =\

Well if you have no reading it is very likely that the heater is dead.
Just buy another one and you should be fine.

I ordered some replacement heaters…and just noticed I ordered ‘12V 30W 6*20’ rather than 40W. (5 pack for $9)
Will this make a big difference? Will they still work?

They don’t come in until tomorrow,
(If they won’t work, I’ll order the 12v 40w today and send the 30w back.)

Heating element was the problem after all.
Replaced with some I found on amazon, and it’s printing (almost) perfectly now.

I need to adjust the temps a bit, but after that it looks like it’s going to work just fine.