Heavy metal dining

Been tough, i will update


Dang, that thing looks heavy! How much does each leg weigh?

Just putting this out there now… I am never offering to help you move.

Seriously, looks awesome though.



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Wow, another stunner!

The arcs look pretty dang good, I hope you have some sort of automatic or semi automatic press, doing that on a manual would take some time.

That looks fun! I remember seeing something very similar in the conference room of a big steel fabricator.

Did you roll those plates your self or outsource?

Too thick for my rollers, had to brake every 3/8", thats whatt all the lines are. All by hand



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About 75lbs id say…

I see some dimes on that table in the background. Can’t wait to see the finished product. What welder do you use?

Saw this at the store yesterday. Reminded me of your tables.

Oh I have sat at that table. I loved it. So easy to clean under. I even gave it a little lift to see how heavy it was. I have that store right near my local Home Depot.

This one?


That is where I saw it.

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I like the industrial, plated-structure-like look! Tremendous job!!
Yours looks much better that the one @barry99705 has mentioned. They don’t even really look a like, if you look closely.


Kind of off topic but I stumbled on “badass workbench” workbenches yesterday and I thought to myself “if @darxide made a workbench” :joy::joy:

From what little I can tell from the pictures it looks like they use the same plate radiusing technique on their fancy drawers 4BAY Space Saver - Badass Workbench

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Just have to verify measurements and weld. Also will be some lathe work for the feet.


That looks like a heck of a lot of fun, all except moving it around. Do you have one of those rolling shop cranes or a cherry picker to move this stuff?

I do have a gantry for handling .5 plates and larger but this all comes apart, heaviest part is like 75lbs

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