Heavy steel coffee table (work in progress)

Here is a coffee table I designed and cut out on my 4*8 lowrider plasma talk. Thought some1 might like…working on finding a slab top then I will complete the top frame and such. Anyway let me know what u think!



What kind of coffee are you drinking? That thing is a beast.

Very impressive work. You definitely win for “most weight” of any project I’ve seen on a v1 machine. But also, great design and craftsmanship.

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I think it would easily support one of these



It’s definitely not light, roughly 100lbs so far and prob in the 300 range once complete… Check out steel vintage in england… Going for the same kind of heavy industrial look… Catches a pretty price… Takes in excess of 10k usd. Will post pics when I’m done and thinking about a bed frame next, also will be very heavy. Everything unbolts for shipping and install however

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Looks like you have found your calling. That looks great!

Did you see Alec Steel’s bed build? Beefy!

No I have not… Where might I find that?

Added a few more pics of the near finished product… Any1 have any idea what a good starting price might b?


No idea. That is a work of art though. I would expect that I can’t afford it.

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Agreed. Thats the sort of thing you buy the table and then build a house to suit it.

Start with 3x the cost?
I’ve never been good at pricing things.
Looks awesome though!
I love the industrial look and maybe a mix of steam locomotive. I look at it and see this in my head.

Thanx for the compliments… I hope to find a market for this industrial style furniture. Some hours involved but I’ve yet to see anything around here like it…