Heh, oops!

Well this is the second bucket I’ve collapsed! Might be time to build a full sized dust collection system for the barn.

Holy cow, I want whatever vacuum you are using! I use a little 7A 1 gallon shop vac, it’s cool but It could never collapse a bucket.

Those little cyclones are everywhere, they must work well. I think I might try to make one of the other style, wier, I think. Cool project I hope. I got pretty sick last week from the IPE dust, so I upgraded my filters and got a nice respirator. Not a fun experience.

How does that happen?

On a side note, my work just got one of these for basic cleaning and I was super impressed with how quiet and powerful it was. Plus it is HEPA certified. Accidentally sucked up a couple of big machine screws with it and never heard it make a noise. Granted, I was using it in a large space with other noise around.

Not too worried about the hepa part, I point the exhaust out the shop door into the larger space of the barn. When I eventually build the whole shop dust collection I’ll vent it straight outside. I think the bucket just gets too warm and the slightest dent will cause it to collapse on itself. I just picked up two new buckets and am going to try nesting them and see if the second outside bucket keeps the inner bucket from deforming and crushing in on itself.

Is the shop vac running hot? Or is it just the friction from the dust spinning around so fast?