Height limits for Z Axis?


I can see that most people recommend between 24" and 36" for the width and depth. However for height I have only seen 6" which seems to be default. Are there build or structural issues with larger heights such as 12" or 24"? If so has anyone found a way around this?


What is your intended use of the machine?

I would like to use it for 3d printing however still retaining the option to use the milling aspect.

Milling what? Foam- no problem, wood-raise it up, aluminum -advanced…If this is the main use ditch the printing unless you will be printing short parts.

I use mine for both. I know the largest piece I will ever print on it is the roller F so mine has a 5" Z. The downside is when I go to mill things I always put the pieces to be milled up on blocks to get them as close to the gantry as absolutely possible. You can use the adjustable leg feature to counteract this to get a longer Z, but trying to get a 12"z is not really feasible. You need to choose which one will be used more.

Trade offs. longer z taller machine = less rigid, slower, less precision.

I am mainly interested in the 3d printing portion. If 12" is feasible then I will focus on that and ditch the milling portion or make the height adjustable if i decide to mill in the future.