Helical drilling multiple holes

I feel like this is one of those potential “forehead slapping” questions, but I have not found the answer so…

I was drilling multiple helical holes for the spoilboard using gcode generated by ESTlcam. The setup all went fine. The 6 mm bit drilled nice 9mm holes. All that went completely as expected…except…

when the machine moved from spot to spot, it went INCREDIBLY SLOWLY–like it would take 30 seconds to move 50mm.

With normal machining, it doesn’t do this–it moves quickly from one point to another (when not cutting, of course).

What am I missing? Is there a setting someplace for how fast to move when not cutting?

Go through the estlcam setup again. Pay attention to the checkboxes for the speeds. I’m going to guess you missed a checkbox and it’s moving at the speed of the z step downs. There should be a checkbox to duplicate the feeds on all lines or something like that.


Here’s the tab I’m talking a out.

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Well, that’s something to try…those boxes are blank. Will try it and report.

Well, I didn’t even have to try the run… it was obvious in the gcode that this would solve the problem.