Hello guys I’ve been I’ll for a long time but I’m back in can anyone tell me we’re to find the side plates on lowrider original the idea of only 2 wheel on low rider 2 scares me . Anyways if anyone can help me it would be appreciated

Go to the ‘DOCS’ section, click build, then lowrider, then old version. That should get you what you need.

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Thank you

To bad the shop doesn’t have the plates I’m not equip to cut can you refer me to a template

I just took a quick look thru the LR2 DOCS, I may have missed it but I didn’t see dimensioned drawings for those parts either? I’m not very familiar with the LR as I have a MPCNC. Hopefully one of the LR guys can be more helpful.


I’m not a LowRider owner, so I don’t know if what you are looking to do is a wise thing or not. I know a lot of LowRider2 are built, and the only wheel issue we see ion the forum is the need for a guide rail to keep the wheel from wandering. With that said, the DFX for the Y plate can be found in the Thingiverse files for the original LowRider. Using that DFX I created a Zip file attached below. It contains 1) a JPG of the Y plate that is full size at 300 DPI, and 2) a PDF for 8.5 x 11 paper of the Y plate. If printing the PDF, make sure you are printing at 100% instead of having the file printed at “scale to fit.” I’ve included a dimension so you can very the paper output size, and a reference line so you can accurately tape the two pages together.

LowRider Old Version Y Plate.zip (132.4 KB)

Hey thank you
I want to build one so I can do some surfacing
And vibration of the router and wood grain not sure if low2 can do it

It is heavy. Gravity will keep it down. I still have the lr 1 and the bottom wheels are adjusted loose enough they don’t touch. Build the v2.

I’ve been looking at videos and lots of people modifying but it look ok is there any vibration
U also notice people adding linear rails

Thinking on buying the hole kit no need to print