help? add laser? and relay to ramps

ok i built this mpcnc router, very fun project, thanx guys.
heres my problem, (using ramps 1.4) i added a laser to pin 44, got it working good.

but now i want to setup a relay also to shut of my dremel after a long cut automatically so i dont haveto b there. but to do so i need to use the 12v fan output, but my pins are remapped to pin 44.
now i read somewhere that u have setting in there already setup for lasers with the m05 commands and such on the servo pins or something. if i could use those i cud have my laser going plus my relay (with the m106 command) without haveing to redo it each time.

but i cant find any documentation on useing that laser feature or how to get those sevo pins working for it, any ways u can help?

or another way of doing it

You can not leave your machine unattended. Fires happen in seconds.

i know… obviously i check on it periodically…plus there’s alotof traffic in the workshop where i have it set up… but i dont want my router running empty an hr or so burning it out.
and i wanna do it cause of the experience an to learn something, so how come i cnt get that laser feature to work, what am i missing?