Help creating a 3d printer

Ok, here’s the deal. I built my MPCNC to be a laser engraver, and it works well for that purpose. However, I took some minor shortcuts, in that I didn’t drill the tool mount for the Z axis because I had a mount for the laser printed up that clasped the outside of the pipes.

I want to build another machine for dedicated 3d printing. I haven’t decided if I want to do another MPCNC or go another route, but either way - 99% of DIY 3d printers require 3d printed parts. D’oh. If I don’t have a 3d printer…where the heck do I get the parts? Getting that sourced is crazy expensive. The last one I was looking to build (D-Bot on Thingiverse) looked to be about $160 in just 3d printed parts alone if printed commercially.

So, I want to step into 3d printing a little, and figured maybe just upgrading my MPCNC is a first step, and then decide if I want to build a second one for printing or choose another DIY machine.

But I know NOTHING about 3d printers.

Right now, the only thing I know I’d need to do is take my Z rails off and drill/install the tool mounts inside and either buy the printer end/mount from here, or pay to have a different mount for a different printer printed and sent to me.

So, I’d like advice on that option.

Also, I bought the base kit (printed parts, and electronics) from here. What changes, do I need to do in regards to additional electronics, power, etc to make sure I can power a printer head, and possibly a heated bed?

Help a brother out with 3d printer basics. :slight_smile:

Well, You can buy the printed mount form here as well as the extruder and another driver for the ramps board. The firmware is already set up for printing nothing needed on your part after you install and set the new driver. Cheapest solution. Unless you plan on using the machines at the same time it doesn’t really take much to switch the function of the machine.

Does that work with the stock power supply, or do I need an upgraded one of those as well?

Reading up on the part about adding the jumpers in the power supply now, and electrical isn’t my strong suit…

Also, before I end up more confused later.

I’m looking at the Rams wiring section of assembly:

Orange and white is the extruder heater, D10

In the associated picture, it looks like they’re connected to D8?

It sure looks like they are, but they aren’t (look at the picture 1st picture for clear labels). The hot end (extruder heater) is connected to D10. I believe you can reconfigure it in MARLIN if you wish.

Sorry that is a bad cut and paste on my part. There was a firmware change that switched the ports for some reason.

D10 for the extruder, 9 for the fan, 8 for a bed