help...homing problem after rebuild...

Hiya All,

I had to disassemble/reassemble my mpcnc as I moved it.
Rewired everything as before, plugged it back, when moving X/Y/Z from controller box, works like a Sharm…!
When using Home X/Y in custom commands…Z goes up as normal, and then…only X1 moves, X2 does not…

I tried to connect the steppers X1 and X2 separate, no pb, together, no pb, only issue when using the Home X/Y command…

I am running dual end stops on ramps…

Any idea?

Check your endstops. If you can, run M119 with your computer and see if the X2 endstop is showing triggered.

Here is what I get:

13:39:54.199 : x_min: open
13:39:54.199 : x2_min: TRIGGERED
13:39:54.201 : y_min: TRIGGERED
13:39:54.201 : y2_min: TRIGGERED
13:39:54.203 : z_min: open

If none of those are supposed to be triggered, then check your endstop wiring.

Thanks for your help, all is fine now!
Stupid me, I forgot the endstops where on NC by default…