Help: Machine (not mpcnc) calibration with Estlcam?

Hey guys,
I’m coming from a machine i have that used IPM settings. I want to run in mm/s as most of the 3d printing stuff uses mm.

I’m not to good at math and calculating what settings need to go in appropriate fields. The machine i have should be capable of 100ipm rapids

My setup (the things I know at least)
Motors are 1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.
motors are direct coupled so ratio is 1:1
Leadscrews are as follows.
z-axis 3/8 12 Tooth per Inch single start.
x&y axis 3/8 12 Tooth per Inch 2 start (IIRC this means its effectively double the speed) so 6 Tpi?

I have my drivers set to 1/16th microstepping.

I want to use mm/s settings so I need help figuring them out.

Steps per revolution:

Distance per Revolution:

Maximum Feedrate:
I think this will just depend on what my hardware likes, with the above settings I can figure this out I beleive.

Inertia: (what does this mean?)

Acceleration Distance: (is this how fast it reaches max feed rate?)

Start Feedrate: (Dunno what this is)

Any help would be appreciated.

I think I got it all figured out using some online calculators. Time to go check!

Hi Chris, do you have any info or url that you might share? I am needing to calibrate my machine with eastlcam too.

Thank you.