Help- maybe a bind?

Ok So first All the parts were procured locally but are all recommended from the parts list.
as far as the firmware goes im using the RC7 firmware from Vicious with the addition of the discount smart controller.
I changed the thermister settings for the hotend and the heated bed. The motors have all been set to the right steps, i defined my print area. The voltage for my motors is set low about 4.2.That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

So let me first say that This machine was working I could travel in all direction without to much of an issue I think. I say I think mainly because when the machine wasnt binding I was printing but I was having a layer walking issue.
Only after I removed the universal tool mount for a direct E3D mount(E3D mount on thingy) and began to try to use the auto bed level feature did it start to bind/stutter. as far as auto leveling goes i only changed the prob positions.

Wile I was installing the mount It turned out to be the wrong mount but i was determined to make it fit and I did. But in the process I bent a Z pipe. ( I tested Z motion and it is working the same as it always has,fine with the exception on if u try to manually move it more then 1mm at a time it makes a loud humming clicking sound and refuses to move).
Also all the axis were working fine, I was tuning in the auto level and out of no where it started to bind on the X axis at around 270mm out of 300mm on my bed. no matter what POS the Y axis is at.

hopfully the video explaines

All the edits was my failed attempt to embed the video from youtube…

Ok so I made loose the bolts in the gantry reran my belts made sure everything was squared tighted the bolts and it seems to not be binding at this point. but the next problem i have is . after doing an auto level the machines leaves the print head at 15 mm high, it doesnt drop the head down to the desired height when printing. how can i tell the printer to auto level and return to all zeros instead of just raising the head where ever its at to 15.