Help! Need a board recommendation

Afternoon all,

First, forgive my excitement but I’ve purchased the lowrider kit. In my zeal and covid-stir-crazy manner, i purchased just about everything except a main board. In my defense they were sold out on everything but the beta one. Ideally i would have done it all at once and together, but I’ll refer you to the first sentence.

Can someone suggest or link to the right rambo v1.4 board on amazon? When i look the options are daunting. Alas, im weary that if i purchase the wrong brains, the one I didn’t use before buying the kit won’t be able to handle the despair.

Thank you…total noob,


Welcome @Gohan5117 to the forum. Are you ok learning how to flash the firmware? That will be important if you source otherwise from @vicious1.

If you want to be sure, buy the Ultimachine Rambo that is listed on Amazon. It’s the authentic and you would have the best luck with support and things. @vicious1 is an authorized reseller of these and he gives added value by flashing the firmware. Cloned ones would be a step down but can be used.

It may seem pricey, but in my experience, you the quality does make a difference.

Thank you greatly for the prompt feedback and advice. I totally would have bought from @vicious1 but he’s shown as sold out for the last several days. Im fine with flashing mobos…been doing that since i was a kid. When I search amazon however, there is no immediate link which seems to match the query. I get 1 knockoff, three v 1.3 oddities and then it jumps straight into the stallone movies. If you have a link to what I’m missing that’d be great. I fear they arent being made or its a covid supply issue and I’m in the lurch.

Much obliged,


Try this link on Amazon.

@scrounge79. Thanks!!! You’re the best. I’m not sure where that was hiding when i did my searches. I have the board, I’ve flashed it, and the lcd screen is working. I had a weird compile error in arduino ide but the worked perfectly. Just finishing up printing parts for the lowrider and then assembly.

Thank you again. I hope you and yours are safe and well.


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