Help on Full package Lowrider 2

Hi, I’m interested in building a 4x8 lowrider v2 CNC. Would like to order everything I need to run this machine. Want to go top of the line with all components using 25.4 stainless tubings. I will need everything else hardware, software., controller, screen, 1/8 collet for DeWalt. Limit switch to level it as well. New to this so need help in procuring everything except for tubing.

Greatly appreciated,

Have you visited the shop?

ATM, there isn’t a preconfigured firmware for auto level on a Low Rider.

Yes, I did and placed the order but I guess Ryan looked at it and I messed up the package. So I’m waiting for him to give me more details. I need help on what to get for the controller, the screen, limit switch, the ramp 1.4. Actually all of the electronics that I would need to make this machine work.

I noticed that the Archim 1 Controller Board is not available anywhere, can I use a Archim 2 Controller Board?