Help setting X Y and X axis


I am new to this i have built my first MPCNC I have tried to cut several things with it my problem i am having is: when i cut something it stops towards the middle of the design and wont go any further, like it is out of room but there is at least 15" of room to cut.

Another problem, I click on the X and Y home buttons ( in the Repetier software) when my machine is at right most top corner it "Homes to the Center of the table. instead of the Lower Left corner.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

I think your problem is your table size settings in repetier. I think by default they are at 200mm x 200mm. You need to set them larger. As a safety if it goes further than the table size it will just stop.

I have set my x and y to 900 same thing

Are you using my firmware? If not there is a size setting in there as well. Mine is set to 1 or 2000 so you would be okay.

The firmware was the problem thanks.