Help with cutting on cnc

Hello, everyone, i need some help with using / cutting on the cnc. i created a simple circle gcode using vetric aspire and it worked perfectly. i used the exact same settings when generating some new gcode but when i when to run it on the cnc it started burning the MDF instead of cutting it so i tried increasing the rpm of the Makita router i am using and that still did not work and the stepper motors where unable to move the X or Y axies when cutting. This problem keeps coming up i find some settings that work (15 ipm, 2mm DOC, 3mm Plunge rate) and then i go to use them for another thing and it just ends up burning the mdf and making the machine lose steps. Can anyone explain to me why it is not working?

My original Cut

What I’m trying to cut

Higher RPM = more burning. Up the feed rate instead, lower the doc if you need to (at 2mm, you probably wont need to).

What kind of endmill are you using? If it’s really old or really cheap, it may just not be sharp enough. Honestly, though, i send my endmills to mdf when they start fuzzing up the hard wood. It doesn’t take much to cut mdf unless you need some precision.

How big is your machine? Cam parameters are very machine dependent, so maybe we can ballpark one we know your specs, or maybe somebody with a similar machine will be able to say exactly what works for him /her.

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Sweet push stick!

I don’t think your issue is based on anything technical or any advanced knowledge you’re missing out on. Your machine should be able to cut MDF with a dull end mill.

Do you have any other end mills that aren’t ballnose? Try those and see if the machine cuts ok. If so your ballnose end mill may have a blunt tip. You can not drive those straight down into the piece. They need to enter the piece at an angle. That can be controlled via your CAM program.

Other than that do some basic checks. Is the end mill properly chucked in the router? Does the router cut fine if used like a normal hand router? Does your CNC move freely?

I’d say trouble shoot to the best of your ability and if it’s still giving you problems hop back on here and let us know what you discovered.

I don’t know if it’s possible with your router, but I remember seeing a thread on the forum where a user’s router was not turning in the correct direction…

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It can happen.