help with estlcam please

Thanks in advance , i must be missing something, i think i have settings as tutorial, i download dxf picture ,auto toolpath and save all fine .after saving , the preview screen comes up but saying over 5 hours to engrave a similar pic to the test crown that takes about 1 min.complete noob to this but enjoying the learning curve .

Screenshots of you settings or your gcode would help point us in the right direction.

[attachment file=48455]
this is the nc file (412 KB)

In the instructions it shows how to set the default file to .gcode, on that same settings page is the mm/s vs. mm/m. Looks like you might have missed that as your rapids are correct but your speed is set to 0.25mm/s, which is what 15mm/s would be if you missed that.

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that one just goes in a straight line til it hits the side

[attachment file=48459]

second one raises above work piece and tries to cut an inch high

as i said before the test crown worked perfectly so must be my use of estlcam im using v10

Ryan sorry can you please look at this file i am getting so frustrated cant seem to get estlcam to zero it starts printing / cutting lifts of the workpeice and tries to cut in the air ,[attachment file=48512]
many thanks .

art-deco-stl-gcode.gcode (44.2 KB)

You can download Camotics and see what your gcode is going to do before sending it to the physical CNC. It’s free

Gcode is fine, rest your arduino before you start.

Thanks will try ext weekend ?

AHHHH dang it. Gcode is fine, reset your arduino before you start.