Help with hardware (nuts/bolts)

Hey everyone I am getting close to finishing up my printing and I am looking to start picking up the hardware to put it all together. I know Ryan was gracious enough to put together the list of stuff to buy, but does anyone have links of what exactly I am looking for? I toss the items into Amazon and I don’t know if its my ADD or what, but I just don’t know if I am looking at the right stuff.

Anyway looking forward to doing my build any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also I’m looking at going larger on my build according to Ryan’s calculator 40.4 x 58.4 do I need support anywhere on something so long?

I bought all mine at a Lowe’s.

Just drive over and walk up and down the hardware isle. You’ll save a ton of money over buying online as a lot of the parts you only need 2-10 whereas the online will sell it in a box of 50.

I bought the parts bundle. Worth every penny, just so I didn’t have to go walking through lowes just to find out they have a 2.25" and a 2.75" but not a 2.5". Plus I get some satisfaction that Ryan gets to keep sitting around doing nothing all day, except swimming through his piles of money.

((( BTW, this is all tongue in cheek. I am in a good mood and not trying to piss anyone off. )))

If you just need the physical nuts/bolts then Lowe’s is your best friend. I have to throw a link out there to Gino over at trimcraft

been using him for years when purchasing both metric and the 6/32" hardware (best prices and shipping around!). No way affiliated with him just have not found better prices or service.


Does it count if they are pesos?

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I assumed they would be in the “foil covered chocolate” variety.

Those look like duckets. Ryan’s kit was very convenient for me.

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I had to… Ryan’s place last weekend…

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The bank looks at me funny though when I stuff it all into safety deposit boxes, I’ll show them.

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Actually most of my liquid assets are nuts. When the zombies come, and all you have is a slingshot, I will quickly become your best friend with a stash like this.

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