Help with improved Z axis printing

I am having issues printing this part due to the support. Can someone recommend support settings in Slic3r for this part? I am using a Prusa i3 with .4 mm nozzle, .35 first layer, .26 thereafter.

Here is a picture of the issue I am having. This is my second attempt, better than the first but not good enough. My support settings are .2 contact distance, honeycomb, 1.5mm pattern spacing, 1 interface layer.


I use lines for the support pattern, 2 interface layers, 2mm pattern spacing, 40 degree overhang, 1 layer z gap.

You should not need support under the angled part, yours looks really rough. If you are using PLA you might be extruding too hot, or your print fan isn’t working well.

That does look like a usable part though, I wouldn’t ship it but I would use it on mine!

Thanks, I will give those settings a shot and see how it goes. Decreasing the temperature is a good idea as well.

Sooo, I am on day 4 of trying to get this stupid part to print and on the verge of loosing my mind (slight exaggeration). I have fixed the support issues I was having, but have now introduced a new issue that keeps me from completing my print. Somewhere between 9.35mm and 9.75mm when the print is generating the support for the through holes at the front of the object, the nozzle is digging in to the print and shifting my Y axis between 1-4mm. If I allow it to continue it then shifts back right at the top of the through holes right around 17mm. My belts aren’t slipping, there is something in the gcode that is causing the nozzle to interfere with the existing print. I am attaching my gcode in hopes that someone smarter than I can spot the problem. Please help. :slight_smile:

You can re-slice and turn on support only where it touches the bed.

Where is that setting in Slic3r? I don’t see it under support material. Or post a Slic3r profile that shows it so I can take that as a go by. Many thanks.

sorry your right, that is only a setting in cura. Repetier should have cura in it use that instead of slicer and you should see it. I usually only user slic3r, but cura when I need support material. Sorry for the confusion.

I haven’t tackled the middle Z yet, but I have experience similar issues in the past. I suggest trying a different slicer. I have recently seen a few reviews and Slic3r seems to always be rated low. I have used only Slic3r up until about a week ago, so I decided to try another slicer. I just started using Matter Control and I’m quite impressed with it. I’m using it to print my MPCnC parts right now.

You could try adding some Z lift. You find this in the Printer Settings under Extruder. I used to use 0.5 mm with Slic3r. This lifts the Z axis when the head travels.

Hope this helps, good luck!


I hadn’t heard of Matter Control. Just took a look and it looks cool. Does it connect right to your MPCNC, and are you running standard Marlin and Ramps? I might give that a try.

I’m still building my MPCNC so I can tell you. I’m running Matter Control on a Printrbot Simple (Marlin on Printrboard I believe).


Matter control will work just fine. Matter control uses slic3r, cura, or matterslice (cura based). Matter slice is real nice, I have actually talked face to face with these guys and they actually listen to input and implement changes very fast, so there product is pretty nice once you find you way around it. All the slicers have there strengths and weaknesses. cura strength is multiple parts, and support. slicer to me is just the easiest for single parts. Simplify3D is real nice but expensive. There slicer does tend to make slightly nicer prints, but for me it is nice because for what ever reason all settings being equal it prints faster!

FWIW, I spent the money on Simplify3D and I am getting better prints than with any of the others I have tried.