help with marlin firmware and rambo

Hi guys. Newb here . so i am working with my mpcnc and trying to get the the software to communicate with my rambo ultimachine board. At first i was getting an error message from the estlcam software ( -Estlcam integrated CNC controller has not yet been configured… )

( -The controller requires an Arduino UNO R3 or compatiable motion controller-for more info check CNC controller setup

at some point when trying to figure this out ( i have no idea what i did ) it seems like my rambo board has lost its preistalled marlin firmware and my full graphic smart controller is now just a blank screen…


I have updated my arduino ide and have been following the step by step instructions on the firmware page but when i get to the point where i need to open the firmware folder and select the current .ino file and upload it to my rambo i get this error message from the arduino ide


Arduino: 1.8.4 (Windows 10), Board: “RAMBo”

C:\Users\Vendetta Tactical\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp1_MPCNC813FullRAmbo_GLCD_T8 (2).zip\MPCNC813FullRAmbo_GLCD_T8\MPCNC813FullRAmbo_GLCD_T8.ino:31:26: fatal error: MarlinConfig.h: No such file or directory

#include “MarlinConfig.h”


compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Error compiling for board RAMBo.

This report would have more information with
“Show verbose output during compilation”
option enabled in File -> Preferences.


so at this point i am stuck and dont know how to proceed. any help would be greatly appreciated…

thanks in advance


You have to extract the zip file instead of just opening it.

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thank you very much! my rambo and control screen are back normal… very much appreciated.

i seem to remember having an issue similar to this on another project, i guess i was following the instructions word for word to well as it just says to open the folder and select file while forgetting i have to extract the zip files… “learning everyday”

so back to my original issue of the estlcam software not communicating with the rambo as it says

( -Estlcam integrated CNC controller has not yet been configured… )

( -The controller requires an Arduino UNO R3 or compatiable motion controller-for more info check CNC controller setup )

what do i need to do to overcome this? sorry if these seem like easy errors to deal with and perhaps discussed before. i am just real new to alot of this and still learning the ins and outs and the language…

thanks a ton again for your help… this project even with my setback and lack of arduino knowledge has been extremely enjoyable…

ok figured out i did not have my comm port selected. ( jeez, i am such a newb ) so i got that taken care of but now i get this new error.

it says " the cnc controller is not avaiable at the moment…

-is the machine connected and turned on? (yes)

-make sure only one instance of estlcam is running (yes)

-if controller stopped due to a previous error

-close estlcam (yes)

-unplug usb cable (yes)

-connect cable again (yes)

-restart estlcam (yes)

none of the troubleshooting methods give me different outcome. i just get the same message…


in the cnc controller settings do i need to select something for the presets and pin layout in the bassic settings settings tab?


You can not directly connect to estlcam.

Start here, follow the link at the bottom.


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ok so i got the crown file and have it loaded in repetier host… two issues now one it does not show me the crown (travel moves are selected) and when i start print it wont do anything. it gives me an eta for the print but it never starts almost like its waiting for print bed and extruder to heat up but obviously since its a sharpie marker thats not going to happen… do i need to change some setting in repetier host? i also cant control it manually in repetier

My gcode or your own? Start with mine.

it is your test crown 12mm/s file. i right clicked and saved and then loaded it in repetier host… says it will take 2min 40sec eta


What temperature does it say your nozzle is in Repetier? I know you don’t have a nozzle but there should be a temp.

Scree shots, or any more info you can give? I am just guessing here.

here is a screen shot

If you expand the error panel at the bottom it might tell more info.

Either you are not running my firmware of the board is not connected.

it is connected, as it says “connected” and gives me an eta… and is your code from your test file

That is not connected.

You have no info in the error window and no controls available in the manual control window. Double check the com port and speed.

That link from earlier I posted, you should go through that again. Move the machine manual, make sure 10mm is 10mm.

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SUCCESS!!! comm port was in auto detect. when i would click connect the rambo boards led would do flash and the controller screen would respond and repetier host would say it was connected so i think that was confusing me… i switched it to my comm port 4 and it worked…
so excited !!! i really appreciate your time spent developing all this and sharing it to the world… and thank you so much for your time guiding me through my errors… i am literally smiling from ear to ear… coolest thing i have ever built… i still have a learning curve ahead of me and some fine tuning to do but i could not be happier at this given moment… thank you so much Ryan! you just made me the coolest dad in my sons eyes tonight… i cant wait to see where this journey leads me next…

thank you again for all you do to make this possible for people like me!!!

Draw that crown and I bet that smile gets wider! Does it every time for me.

I am happy you stuck with it and got over this hurdle.

thats what we did … it was so cool watching it draw it out… i cant stop playing with it now, probably going to be up all night now lol… house chores are for sure not getting done this week haha.