Here are some of my trials Errors and Success

Her are a few of the things I have made.

Some got messed up through the cut because I did not clamp down tight enough.
Others I set the cuts to deep before I was understanding that I needed to set up pocket cuts.

A few I used old pre cut plaques I had from when I did this stuff free hand with a Dremel.
So they are not centered very well.

The Eagle was a conversion error on my part. The work area was 7" wide by 9" tall.
Forgot that Eslcam and Repieter Host were mm…LOL Still got the effect that I was going for.
Will try again and hopefully send a picture.

Would love to here back on any suggestions.

Love this machine, wish I had more time to spend learning it and Estlcam.

My mind is racing with Ideas that I have to work up to.

Looks like you learn something with every cut, That is a good thing, so do I. My opinion is just cut some more things, you are doing well and progressively getting better.

That eagle idea is amazing, if you had the conversion right, wow. Two color before the cut, I bet we will see a few different people try that one.

Great work, the two colored eagle is really amazing! (just too bad the picture quality sucks…)

I’ll give it a try, looks really great!

Keep up the good work!