Hi I'm Jennifer the Newb -- Questions

Okay, so I got my Wanhao Duplicator I3 V2 and performed lots of mods to it and it’s printing nicely now.

So I am ready to start printing parts for this MPCNC – I’m very excited about this!

Just created this thread to host my questions about the MPCNC.

From the bundle kit that is sold:
“Ramps 1.4 (Arduino mega, 3 drv8825 drivers , shield), flashed with firmware.”

This is nice that the microcontroller is Arduino, because I have several versions of Arduino here and I am a software developer with strong knowledge of C code. I’ve made lots of little Arduino electronic projects – such as a 40 knob midi controller for TR-808 and 606 plugins.

Anyways, I see “…flashed with firmware”. Is this C code firmware flashed into the Arduino Mega or another sub controller that the Arduino talks to?

Is the C source code for this firmware provided with the kit? Is there a place you host all the source code for this project?

It is the firmware that is flashed to the arduino mega, if you buy a kit from here it will come pre flashed, if you already have a mega or buy it separately you can download the firmware from the site.
Honestly if you don’t have all the electronics, motors and hardware I would buy it from here, I bought all of mine separately and I ended up pretty close to the same price with shipping.

Yes it is the firmware that is flashed to the Arduino. According to the blog post on 14Dec2015 by vicious1 (https://www.v1engineering.com/marlin-firmware/) he is using the standard Marlin firmware that most DIY 3D printers and CNC machines use. Since not everyone has an Arduino, he pre-loads the marlin firmware on the ones he sells, since you probably wouldn’t buy one from him unless you intend to build a MPCNC. Of course, since you already have several, just flash marlin to any of your compatible arduinos and you will be set as far as that goes, however, you will still need a RAMPS board (or equivalent) to attach to the arduino. The RAMPS simply takes the signals from the arduino and passes them through the stepper motor drivers (essentially translating micro-controller signals into higher current and higher voltage control signals for the stepper motors).