High ambient temperatures

Reading a bit more about ABS printing, sounds like it wants a high ambient temperature, so could temporarily relocate my printer to the garage. We won’t be hitting 100+ for another month or so (hopefully).

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ABS is not as dimensionally stable as PLA, PETg or ASA. It shrinks as it cools, and somewhat less predictably. You may find that it works if you scale parts up slightly in the slicer, but I never had much luck with making stuff that fits together with it. That would ve the main caution thst I’d give for that.

A higher ambient temperature makes ABS printing easier, but it is still very prone to warping. I used to do a lot of my printing in ABS largely because Iiked to use acetone vapour to smooth my prints. Warping was a constant problem though.

I ordered some PETG and some ABS filament so will play around with both.

It’s organic blue fluffy mold… :laughing:

Ok, i just want to follow up on my comment on MDF as a spoilboard in high humidity…
I had installed a new spoilboard of water resistant MDF and surfaced it. I’m sure there is even more nasty chemicals in the water resistant stuff, so stayed on top of it with dust collection. Having checked it several times since it was installed and not seeing any issues, so far. Not sure how regular mdf would hold up here, as it tends to suck up moisture and deform like a wet roll of paper towels. The little decoarative dodads my wife buys fall apart quickly in the humidity here (Florida). :upside_down_face:

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