Higher Power Laser?

Sorry to be a bother, but the MPCNC is a brilliant idea so I’m trying to adapt it for a particular purpose.

Currently I’m trying to go beyond engraving and get to a point where cutting 1/8in acrylic and MDF would be possible in a few passes with some accuracy, maybe even less dense wood too.

I wasn’t sure the 2.8W laser in the guide would quiet manage that, but I love the idea of something that just needs a heatsink rather than water cooling and a big power supply.

If I were substitute in this laser and driver board would it work?
6W laser and lens also from DTR like the MPCNC guide

Laser Driver for 12V and 5A at 3.5W and TTL

Would I need a different resistor? Would going higher power lose accuracy while still not reaching the 1/8in mark?

I’m expanding over from the 3D printing realm and really have marginal electrical and laser knowledge. Outside of the swap of the laser itself I was planning to expand the frame and add an enclosure with active cooling to try to keep down charring. I’ll run that off another PSU though so I can try to stick with the simple 12V5A power supply.

I have plans to build a mill version as well, but before I start running around ordering parts from the shop and amazon I was curious to know if I’m asking too much of the design.

tl;dr Is there hope to cut 1/8in material? Will this 6W laser and board be of help or fail in a possibly literal flaming wreck?

Have you seen this page?


I still haven’t ventured into freaking lasers yet, but I would love to through cut even small wood. Keep us updated!

I had not seen that article, thank you. That is fairly encouraging. So I did a little more digging and apparently plywood is easier to cut than MDF, which works as well for making things.

I also ran across a project called Mr. Beam, which is about what I’m building thought it is nicer looking than my design alterations. It did give tech specs and what it can cut with a 5W laser that being 4mm plywood and 2mm MDF. Not sure if I can focus my laser as well, but if I can get close that should work rather well I think.

I guess if it doesn’t work I can always print a new part attachment and stick on a drill to make it a mill. This may take me a couple months to fully do but I’ll post results as it goes.

I just hope resistor values and things should remain the same as the most Ive done with electronics and soldering was a set of resistors to bypass my cars security because it was a few hundred dollars cheaper than fixing it.

You will need a more powerful driver then that little one you had listed. While that one says it is 5amps I am not sure I would trust it not to burn when running at nearly max power. For 6 watts you will need to run the driver at around 4 amps.

I bought this bad boy 5amp driver for my 6 watt laser.

Thank you for the heads up. Looking again it does seem the one I was looking at is a bit underpowered for 6W. Would the one you suggested require much deviation to the MPCNC design? Outside of the driver and laser change of course. I’m not skilled enough to change too much in the electrical components.

X-Wossee provides a link to how to tune the driver. It looks pretty simple. I have not received mine yet but I have reviewed his documentation.

As for design it should not require any change other then adding in a temperature probe. I use vicious1’s laser mount that he has on thingiverse to hold the laser (minus the top section). My driver board is located close to my Ramps/Arduino to minimise additional weight on the z axis. His design works well. Incorporates cooling and also blows smoke away from the work area.