So, I was building my first (MP)CNC, when my daughter laid claim to it…!! She wanted her own 3D Printer, so I conceded and gave it to her, and well, here it is.

Awesome job with the cable management! I need to order some drag chain for when I start wiring my build, but I doubt I will get it as clean as yours.

Why cheat and buy one when you can print the chain too

I ordered it from Amazon (Black Plastic Drag Chain Cable Carrier 10 x 15mm for CNC Router Mill). It was a tight fit, you might want to go to with 10mmx20mm.
The Drag Chain would get caught on one of the exposed bearings on top, so I used a scrap piece of acrylic I had laying around to support the DC. I got darn lucky that the acrylic was just long enough:)
BTW, it took FOREVER for the Drag Chain to arrive, via slow boat from China.

Link for printed chain parts?

I’m currently printing this one. I’ll have to figure out a way to attach them, but they’re the first ones I’ve found that doesn’t require support material to print.