Hitachi M12VC Router Mount

Just wanted to chime in and give thanks for designing and sharing this awesome little machine. I am a machinist at my day job and I have designed and built several cnc machines in the past including routers, mills, lathes and of course 3D printers. I can’t say enough good things about the MPCNC. I saw it on Thingiverse and was intrigued by the design so I decided to just build one on a whim and give it to a friend who is interested in CNC Routers. I’m now going to be building at least two more for other friends. I wanted to give back and share my simple mount design for my router of choice, the Hitachi M12VC Router Mount for MPCNC. In the somewhat near future I plan on doing some lost PLA casting in aluminum of the MPCNC parts. This will just have to be as time allows as I have a lot on going on right now but I do plan to share the results of that experiment as well. If anyone else has already ventured down this road I’d welcome and information you have to share.

Thanks for the kind words!

When I design new parts they will be easily machinable so we can make this out of some cool materials.

Here it is mounted on another MPCNC I’m building. It barely clears all of the bolts and bearings to keep it as close to the conduit as possible to maximize rigidity.