Hmm I know they say any press is good press but


Well, he sure had some neat toys!

Classic Jet Aircraft (

Oh wow. Haha.

Is it weird that I am curious about the technical details of the sub?

I don’t think so, always neat to know how machines work. However, some federal agencies might have a different opinion. :roll_eyes:

This is amazing! Unfortunately the article is automatically hidden because of pay wall/gdpr/something something. Anyone got a screen shot?

I DID get to see the image though! Hilarious. You got his forum username? :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face: :crazy_face:

I opened it in firefox with ublock and it showed up. I don’t have a wapo subscription.

On mobile, until Monday. No worries

So is it a compliment the the MPCNC was chosen? I mean if they got that kind of business isn’t money basically endless?

Well I haven’t helped anyone design any sort of subs so at least I got that going for me.

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Curious if he had any posts here!

Pretty crazy. I kinda hope we didn’t help out with that project here! First time I have ever thought about the CNC being used for anything but good. Hmm, I guess really anything can be used for bad though.


Wonder if the 3rd party designing the prototype bought the parts from the shop or built it themselves. I’m hedging towards building it themselves.


I used to teach computer technology security classes. I would always say that (by and large) the tools are agnostic. You can go to the hardware store and buy a hammer, then either volunteer to build shelters for the homeless or bust car windows in the parking lot. It’s not the hammer’s fault either way. By extension, I wouldn’t blame the hammer manufacturer or the hardware store that sold it. Responsibility is 100% on the user, not the tool.

(Note I realize this is a possible opening for a lot of “tool” control philosophy conversations which can quickly devolve into political arguments. I’m not interested in having those here, thanks.)