Hmmm, reminds me of a certain cnc I built

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It does seem cool that this is becoming more common. I can’t wait to see this happen with more products. I think the ikea stuff is a match for sure, but I still think there must be some bigger better use cases that have not happened yet.

I remember trying to explain to my Uncle what I do for work…“wait you expect me to believe you just push a button and you machines makes things…just like in Star Trek?!?”

We need to be a little closer to that. It really feels like we are missing some obvious use cases for our printers, Or maybe even our CNC’s. I just keep imagining being able to download part files for things that are no longer manufactured to fix our own things as a first step. Fridge and washer parts come to mind. My fridge is full of little plastic parts that are bound to break, it would be cool to machine them (printing might not stay sanitary enough without post processing).

But to me the real use case currently is small manufacturers being able to release a product before they can afford molds for injection parts. Once you have a mold the parts are pennies.

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