Holding tabs in Fusion

I think I saw it in a video tutorial, but videos are no good for searching !

I found a way to create toolpaths almost as in Estlcam, but I can’t figure out how to create holding tabs.

Any ideas ?

(I used 3D Pocket Clearing, Silhouette boundary, Additional offset 2.5mm)

I found it, apparently you can only do it for specific 2D paths.

I will probably just use double sided tape or cyanoacrylate and go into the spoil board.


I saw Diresta use spray adhesive to keep his parts down. I tried it and it worked well, but left gunk on the part. I was using a downcut bit, which might help. Maybe a different spray adhesive would have left less gunk.

It can always be used you just have to get creative. If you were doing a large 3D piece do it all but don’t go all they way through by moving the piece up a few mm, then use the 2D cut with tabs to cut it out.