Home Depot 3/4" conduit

Hey all,

I have kinda lurked around the forums for a while but now I finally took the plunge and I am printing my parts.

I just printed the 23.5 mm OD Feet and then took a trip to Home Depot to slip the foot on to a piece of 3/4" EMT I then clamped the foot as tight as it would go and was heartbroken to see that the foot was too loose around the Conduit. I was thinking that I must have messed something up and of course I already printed all 4 feet. Well I dragged my wife to Lowes also so I could see if the foot would fit on their 3/4" conduit alas it was the same brand and was still too loose. I did not bring along any calipers to check OD but tried multiple pieces of conduit.

I went home and decided to measure the feet that I printed and the foot dimensions of my print matched the STL dimensions 53mm base square 40mm height and 23.5 inside hole. My next idea was to print a cylinder that was 23.5 mm in diameter to make sure that I was not crazy. Once printed I measured the cylinder and I placed the cylinder into the foot and tightened it. The cylinder was tight inside without any slipping .

I think the 3/4" that these stores carry now is too small to use for the 23.5mm files :frowning: . I believe the brand is Allied.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Thanks for any help I can get.



A printer that is printing wrong will print pieces that fit, meaning they are equally wrong.

That isn’t what I designed it as.


Print a 100 mm test object on all three axis.


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I am very glad you decided to go try it before you printed them all!

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I do understand what you are saying about if one part is off then the others are likely to be also. I will remeasure the inside when I can get to my caliper I was using a ruler for the inside measurement (I understand not super accurate) but even if I was off by a half a mm I believe the amount that it can be tightened should have still tightened around the EMT.

I believe my dimensions are 23.3, which usually prints a little tight. I can tell you, you really should take the time to calibrate your printer. I had to spend a week making a 25.4mm version after making a 25mm version. The dims matter. I think you will find over 100mm your printer is probably further off than you think. Check all three axis and the diagonals to make sure it is square. After a few quick prints you will have a better printer.

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I will give the Cals a shot, thanks.

Ok, I found my calipers!!

Looks like I will have to take another trip to HD and actually measure the EMT this time.


[attachment file=67977]

[attachment file=67978]

[attachment file=“67979”]


It should be 23.5mm or less with a 2mm maybe 3mm gap, I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Really a good idea to just run the test print it doesn’t take long compared to 180 hours of prints that need to be correct.

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Ok I will keep at it and see how it goes.

Thanks again for all of your help



I am running into the same problem where the 3/4 EMT conduit (bought from Lowes) is loose.

The feet when tighten do not hold it in place, and there was no tension when putting the rollers on the conduit and there is slop.

I ran the test print and found the following:

X: 100.99
Y: 100.87
Z: 100.35

Is that off enough to cause the looseness? When you calibrate your printer, what accuracy is considered good (e.g. +/- 0.50mm)?

I want to keep going and so I ordered the printed parts, but my concern is that something else is going on. I did verify I printed the “C” parts (all files have a C in the name, and there is a C embossed on the parts).

Thoughts on what I should do next?


Print a 100x100x100 test cube and see how your printer does.

Sorry Your numbers are pretty good. They could be a tad better but that is probably not the issue.

What does your conduit measure? Measure and spin it several times to make sure it is not a horrible oval.

Typically a printer will print 0.2mm undersized, so you might want to fix that while you are at it.

Nominally the conduit is ~ 23.45-mm. Readings ranged from 23.42 to 23.58. When I spin it in one spot I get about +/- 0.10-mm variation.


It should fit, I would guess you need a calibration on the printer.

Ok, thank you. I will calibrate to 0.2-mm under per your previous post. In the meantime, I will await the printed parts and build out with those. Assuming all goes as planned, I’ll also use the printed parts ordered as a reference and measure mine against them to see where my calibration is off (given that current calibrations is not terrible).


I received the printed parts today and tested the conduit in the foot, it is a nice snug fit. I did a quick dimensional comparison and my printed part is up to 0.5-mm larger…doesn’t seem like much but its enough where the conduit is loose. I will calibrate my printer to 0.2-mm undersize and try again, but in the meantime I can continue my build with the printed parts I bought.

The 2-color parts look sharp. What printer do you use for your parts?

I know this guy, basic printer but I love it’s simplicity… :wink:


Oh man, I feel dumb for asking that. Of course that is what you used.

Never know…but nope pinky swear, my printer. I am kind of a printer snob. I totally favor my V2 over my V1’s.