Hose coiling on full size table

Setting up my full sheet table and I can’t get the hose to coil along the aluminum angle no matter what I do. I zip tied it in the middle but it still falls off the track on the far end.

Any suggestions?

Are you talking about the vacuum hose? I have just taken for granted that it works. I’m not sure how.

Yeah… mine is not cooperating. I managed to get it working by zip tying a couple giant 4 foot zip ties from the dollar store to the hose to make it less flexible.


I had to get just the right twist and zipping it to the rigid part of the cord. It almost comes off on both ends but it is perfect in the middle.

The other solution would be to get wider angled aluminum.

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Ryan how wide was your aluminum? Do you have pics of your hose setup? I never even though of twisting the hose that gives me some ideas.



1.5" pics and a video on thingiverse.

Oh man I had my hose alllllll wrong. Thanks.