Hot end can not reach the required temperature.


please let me explain my issue with my build:

I began to print a few days ago,everything worked great until today.
The first problem that we find is that hot end can not achieve the desired temperature when it receives a command to heat the hot end so that he could extruded filament through a nozzle, he begins with heating and then displays an error when it reaches 142 degrees :
" Error: Heating failed, System failed! Heater_ID:0
Error: Printer halted, kill () called!.
I am sending an picture of a problem in att.
Another problem that I encounter is that the hot end starts to heat up without any given command.

  1. All is purchased from your site
  2. Everything is assembled according to your instructions
  3. Do not use end stop svitčeš.
  4. The software is already installed on ramps think that rc7 is the software version.

Please help,

How long does it take to get to that error?
What power supply are you using?
Did you extend the heater wires, if so what gauge?

It displays an error after 5 minutes or when the temperature reaches 142 degrees, and takes a long time to reach this temperature than at the beginning a few days ago.
I use the power of 5 amps.
Yes i have extended the heater wires and the wire gauge is 1 mm.

I would double check your connections. The splice ant the connection to the board, and the power plug. 5 minutes is too long that is why the error happens but no the cause. Make sure the heater is not shorting on anything as well.If you can check the wire resistance for possible bad connection.

1mm? is the wire at least as thick as whats on there now preferably thicker?