Hot/slowing down steppers

Hi all, as I was doing a wood carving that was supposed to last an hour and 40 minutes the steppers began to get hot. I came back out to check on it later and they were really hot and my LCD showed that the project was only like 1/5 done, and that was after 2 hours of carving. My machine seemed to be going in slow motion. My Rambo board was also a little hot. I bought my kit from the website with series wiring. Some have suggested to lower the power to the steppers, but I don’t have the slightest idea of how to do that. Thanks

How hot, could you keep your hand on them? If you bought all of my hardware there should be no issue. If you changed anything than yes you need to set them appropriately.

The only thing that could make every single stepper too hot is over tightening everything or running with inappropriate settings.

I didn't adjust any of the firmware. But it is being kept in a warm garage if that effects anything. I left the machine on without the steppers moving and they still heat up a bunch.

That is hard to quantify. Yes they do get warm/hot. If they melt the PLA mounts…too hot, I can keep my hand on mine no problem.