How big should I make it

What is a good size mpcnc if I want to make the mp3dp and do other projects? TIA

I’d stick with the recommended 2’ x 2’ outline (especially if you buy one of Ryan’s kits), you can always shrink (SUPER easy to shrink) or grow it (new tubes, belts… maybe added supports) later if you need to.


How y’all should the x be and what sizes of conducts should I cut them into I’m new to this.

There’s a calculator for that! :slight_smile:
If you are in the US (or Canada) the cheapest option is to use 3/4" EMT conduit, the more expensive and more rigid option is to use 1" stainless steel tubing. You will print different parts depending on which you choose. If you are outside the US then you’ll be using 25mm outside diameter tubing, either steel or stainless, and printing different sized parts.


I struggled with the same questions. In the end, I realised that most of my projects would fit in a 2 x 3 area. It is large enough to make kitchen cabinets etc. 36" x 48". This gives about a 24" x 36" work area.

I also chose to raise my height to 8" in the Z direction. I can always put layers of sheeting under my project if it is too tall.

There are plenty of ideas for Corner supports. I chose to use one on each post.

I also chose the Makita router for the Powerhead and purchased a collet for 1/8" CNC bits from

If you are worried about the deflection along the 48" span just add under supports.

Hope this helps.