How difficult would it be to turn these pictures into an STL?

Is there enough pictures and information in this thread to replicate these doors?

Or would it be a huge project to try and undertake? I don’t know much about ZBrush and all that but if it’s relatively trivial then I’d start learning and taking a crack at it. But if there’s just not enough data then I won’t waste my time.

I’m willing to bet that if you used a lithophane image processor on those but carved them flat you’d have a pretty respectable result. Might not be spot on but the way the greyscale in those look to me it looks like it might just work without having to model.

There is a low budget version of Z Brush out there and it’s not a HUGE learning curve but the amount of detail in these doors - they must have taken the dude forever to do.

Post #17 has the magic in it. Those greyscale images are height maps. Process those and you have perfect STL file to carve. The two with the black to white ramp to the right of them. The images are about 13 inches tall if you download them. You could process them up a bit but not to door size. And to be fair I’d ask the original contributor if it’d be OK if you played with the images first.

I wonder how he gets around the copyright. There’s a carver here that’s done some outstanding things but all in direct violation of copyright. Drives me bonkers.

You won’t be able to from the first images. Look at them, then at the actual heightmaps on the second page. You need the actual model.

I’m willing to bet the height maps on the second page will do it with the right heightmap processor. If I have some shop time in the near future I’ll run one and see. It’ll be fun to get myself all excited about being able to do it but still needing to ramp up the ZBrush skills first. Hahaha

Yea, the heightmaps will work, but not the first images. Estlcam will import the maps.

ESTLCam?! I did not know that! Learned something new already today and haven’t even dropped the kids at school yet!

Hi Bob, check this out: It’s a great video to convert from 2D to 3D.

Here’s one about Lithophanes. Obviously, you aren’t interested in the light showing through so ignore that.

As for copyright legal issues you don’t have to worry about any of that if it is for personal use. In fact, technically, once you change the medium (from a picture to a 3D image) you have altered the original to make it your original. After all, you are sculpting now. Bronze and marble statues are created under the same premise. Hope the vids help.

I just might make the lion one myself. That’s pretty cool.

Okay, I was wrong, estlcam can’t import heightmaps. Now I’m wondering how I did it…

Damn. That would have eliminated the step you probably took - the STL step.

FYI, the first two programs are free downloads. Blender is for sculpting the image. Inkscape is for converting file types.

Blender, Inkscape and Illustrator are great to convert images into SVG (scalable vector graphics) for 3D carving files. Once converted to svg, it can be converted to the STL file format, which can be converted into gcode.

Hope this helps.

I just tried this (spent about 15 minutes total) add-in with Fusion 360:

Works ok, and my first couple tries yielded a good starting point.

[attachment file=“Screenshot 2019-05-18 17.08.44.png”]

Example from one of the door images I used. Make to mess with the settings of the add-in, otherwise it will look flat and ugly.