how do they do this?

how are they creating these? It has to be milled or laser etched into acrylic or a combo of both… but how do they design it for the 3d effect?




Either way, milled or etched. Cool lights.

It’s a bummer they don’t show any other angles. Are they just plates? Someone here made a sign like that. Etched on glass with light in the side. They had a question about the pocketing strategy.

Looks like plexi or something that has just been etched. Check out YouTube they have some there. Its just the way the image is drawn and the odd shape they cut the glass that gives it that effect. Like those crazy sidewalk drawings that used to float around Facebook.

These signs are nothing special when you have a lasercutter (sure, other tools work for making them, too). Check out this and this forums.

Here’s one of mine: (played with new design of the stands, usually they look alot better). It’s a small sign (maybe 20 cm width) with 96 dpi (300 dpi takes 3 times as long, but looks alot better, too). That one was just quick and dirty for my nephew.

It’s really just a single piece of acrylics (1 layer, doesn’t matter which side you edge, but personally I think the lighting effect is better when it’s on the back side), a piece of alu (made for LED Strips), and a 2$ LED USB Strip from aliexpress.

very cool info.


anyone know what software they might be created the 3d imagery in?


would love to try and give this a go.

I’m not sure if you understand right… There is no 3D “engraving” involved, it’s just a (2D) picture engraved/edged onto a flat piece of acrylics. It’s the drawing that makes you think it has a depth.

You can use any software to make a drawing appear like 3D, even Microsoft Paint will be sufficient.

I do understand it’s a “2d” engraving. I was unclear as to how the actual 3d aspect of the image was manipulated prior to the engraving process.

I will have to look into making standard drawings appear 3d more.


Thanks for the feedback!

Youtube video here: