How do you interface?

I am Building my MPCNC for my Grandfather so I am trying to make it as simple to use as possible. I was thinking of using a 22inch touch screen and a Raspberry pi flashed with Jeffeb3’s Great Image. So I can add Macros to CNC.js interface so there are just single touches to complete the most used tasks.

At least that what I got planed in my head, what I am looking for input on is what everyone else uses and how that works for them.

Thanks for the help and input =D

If you don’t want your grandfather to tinker with it at all, why do you need a 300$ touchscreen? “most used tasks”, what is that, a handful specific jobs?

Use Repetiers Script-buttons -> (if he’s able to use a mouse)

Or setup some webserver with a ESP8266 to send the code to the CNC via a 1-button press and save your money. Or hack a 5$ Amazon Dash Button etc.

I am interested in what you come up with. This is a major part of my job, making it as easy as possible.

What are you thinking will be “most used tasks”?

I think the easiest, is the series kit, repetier or LCD, manually position it by hand at zero turn on the machine (or program g92 x0 y0 z0 in the startup gcode) and go. I do not think that end can be simplified. All the struggles will be in CAM in my opinion, 3D printers are “easy” because of thingiverse (STL sites). CNC…you have to do both CAD and CAM. Putting a file in the screen and hitting play is relatively simple in my opinion.

I do not recommend CNC.js, as it is far to new to marlin to be “easy”, way too many buttons, controls, and numbers (most are not even used).


I have to agree with Ryan. I use a lcd and sd card, it cant get much easier. My biggest challenge was learning inkscape and sketchup. It would be cool if there was a place that we could share cnc files (hint hint)

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Please, feel free to drop your DXF’s and any other relevant files or fusion links in the project section. If it becomes a thing we can easily make a new place for them! Typically for CNC the designs are very reliant on the material so it usually is never easy to just do a one size fits all. I have tried to update my “intermediate, pocketing” page a few times and it just isn’t easy.

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