How I use end stops on the MPCNC

Quick rundown on how I use the end stops on the MPCNC. If you never change end mills during a job you probably don’t need end stops, but this makes changing them much easier.

So here’s how it turned out. Pirate cut with a 1/8th end mill, text done with a 7/16th v-bit.
Google Photos
Google Photos

Not bad for a bundle of oak floor boards that have been sitting in my barn for who knows how long. Took 10 minutes just to clean all the bat poop off them!

I like it!

If your not 3D printing you don’t need them. I don’t use them, did at first but I just found them in the way and never got used. when I change an end mill you can move it any where you want and when you hit go for the next step it will go back to were it left off. The one thing that is a must is a touch plate.

this is how it works with estlcam for me at least

@David. That works, until you move the whole z assemble while changing the bit, you’ll never get it lined back up properly.

How could the Z move while you’re changing bits? Isn’t the controller holding it?


Yea, but you can still overpower the steppers if your collet sticks, or the controller times out and powers off the steppers, which I think is after a minute. I’m not always right by the router when it finishes a roughing pass, so by the time I get back to it, they’re powered down. Some of these passes take hours and hours.

Barry, where is the design for the clamps you use that hold the dust shoe pipe to the Dewalt?

Sorry Chris, missed your post. I modified the one for a makita to fit a 1.5" pvc pipe. (32.7 KB)


The pipe is about 2" in diameter, but they go by the inside diameter. I also printed in petg, which is a little more flexy than pla, so careful getting it around the router, you need to bend it quite a bit.

Is there a way to tell the controller to NEVER time out once the steppers have been energized?


yup, in the firmware config.h you can make the time till off a very long time or never, and you can set it for individual axis.

Be mindful of your gcode, some command them to turn off.

did you hook up the wires on x-min and y-min ?