How much can the filiment used in printing lowrider parts effect the rigidity?

I’ve never printed anything that will have a load applied to it before. Would standard run of the mill PLA create a lowrider cnc machine that is just as rigid as say one printed in PETG?

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From the V1 site accordin to Ryan:

"I prefer PLA but PETG can be used, 3 walls, 30-55% infill. "

PETG isn’t as rigid, but it has its own qualities that lend itself to the effort.


You have that opposite, PLA is much more rigid, it is pretty much the most rigid filament currently available. PETG is good if there are higher temps than 55C involved.

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That’s good to know, thanks!

So when I first started the MPCNC build I used PETG. I had lots of it, and i have it tuned out really well. With that being said it did have quite a bit more noticeable flex. Since then I have experimented with different infills using PLA, and I have to say the 55% infill is the sweet spot on my 3D printer. Strength, cost, and time to print. I also primarily use Inland filaments from Microcenter. It only runs about $12.99 a spool here.