How much G2 Belt Length?

Ordered my MPCNC and meant to add more belt to the order.

I tried viewing the page for how much belt I need. The page doesn’t appear to be working though. The belt I received is good for 48" of total x+y, I’d like to do 2 ft by 3 ft.

Ryan’s shop sells them in 2m lengths… that along with what came with your kit should work for you. Easier on Ryan, too :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s actually what I was going with and thought it wasn’t going to be enough.

In my mind I was taking 13’ / 2 = 6.5’ needed each for x and y… which is right, but I forgot it’s on each side.

So the extra 2m will be more than enough. I didn’t have my thinkin cap on. Thanks :slight_smile:

Where did that link come from it is an old one, it should be @

Ryan - it came from here:

Clicking “conduit” in the parts you’ll still need section.


Thanks. Fixed the links, redirects are getting treated poorly.