How much money and time did you spend making your low rider?

1st post. Newbie. Just found out about this cool machine. Looks like one can buy most of the parts from the store and the total is about $500 with shipping plus
$120 for the dewalt router
$620 total.
What else did you buy to complete your kit? for example Two saw horses, shop vac, router bits. These necessities can often add a few hundred dollars to total cost. And how much time did take to build, do test cuts, calibrate, etc.
did a search and didn’t find much.

Maybe version 2 is a totally different beast too, but it looks similar enough to make general comparisons. .

I think it comes out to about $690, plus a table, vac (if you don’t have one), some bits. You should very easily be able to do it for under $800 ultra complete.

Time to build depends greatly on your experience, making a table is by far the most difficult part. You will make test cuts forever so that will not count, calibrate…the only calibration is to make sure your table is square and your stop blocks are as well.

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So I ordered my kit of printed parts, flat stock, and all accessories from Ryan for $513.49 shipped with a 1/8" Dewalt collet and LCD. I also bought 611 router from home depot for $128, but I had a rebate of $65 from them on a tool box purchase and got 10% discount, so my total out of pocket on the router was $57. I bought my unistrut, bolts, brackets, and 3 sheets of MDF to build my top as flat and stiff as I could for about $145 total. I am going to use some inherited solid wood doors to make my base for my top, so the base cost will likely be zero, but that is if this idea works out in practice. I still need to get some router bits and probably some odds and ends as I go, so my total cost to be ready to rock should end around $750.00.

You could save some money by not using the unistrut or recycling other wood and products for your top, but I wanted to build this once and the “buy once, cry once” philosophy was relevant in my decision making process. Hope this helps.


$515 for the parts from the store, including 3 bits, LCD, collet.

$130 for Dewalt Router

$135 for stainless rails - From SpeedyMetals, the cheapest I could really find

$200 for table

From scratch you’re looking about a grand. This doesn’t include calipers, a nice level, shop vac, or stock, but it’s close.