how smooth does x and y need to be?

Hey everyone. Was wondering how smooth the x and y axis need to be? Should it roll on the conduit with a smooth gliding motion, or should it be a little resistant? The frame assembly conduit rods are pretty smooth where the conduit rods that go through the middle assemble not as smooth. I noticed I’m getting some black streaking from the bearings on some of my conduit as well. Is this normal? Do I just need to loosen up the lock nuts a little? All advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

If it’s not smooth enough, you’ll miss motor steps (I’ve the problem with the upper axes, I need to re-work everything…it’s not smooth engouh). Take time to adjust nuts, to sand some plastics parts, to have everything orthogonal, etc

And make sure all your bolts start off loose not snug. This works just fine with loose hardware, I only tighten things up if I have issues. The longer bolts on all the parts control tension on the rails ( a little bit). If a bearing has plastic on both sides of it loosen it up and see if that helps. But, no, generally it won’t glide from side to side freely, it should not stop right away either but not butter smooth.

Thanks for getting back!! Yeah after loosening up some bolts on the Middle assembly things seem to be rolling a lot smoother. Thanks!