How snug should bars/poles fit?


Ive been trying to get my lowrider up and running for what seems like forever.question i have is how snug should the bars fit inside of the rollers for the part the houses the router. I had to jam mine in with a bit of force andbtheyre in. But theyre not moving ultra smooth like. Fidget spinner… Lol. I have the unfinished metal bars also. Any thoughts?

If everything is aligned properly, it should go relative smooth, as in it will lower itself when raised but unpowered. Based on your feedback I would loosen the nuts just a bit. You’ll notice the difference easily:)

Take the bars out. Loosen one of the #6-32 screws holting the bearing holders to the plates so that there’s a bit of slack, then loosen the top bearing nut/bolt. Back all of these off so that there is a bit of a gap between the screws and the plate/plastic.

The bar should go through smoothly and easily, but you’ll need to make sure that things are aligned, because they can move.

Tighten the #6-23 screws to the plate now. This will have the bars parallel and hold the plate in place. It might actually be too loose at this point. Let it be.

VERY GENTLY tighten the top bearing mounts. If it’s too loose, tighten just until all bearings make contact. Voila. If all bearings are already in contact, tighten just until the nut/bolt make contact with the plastic, and no more.

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Is it possible you’re are using “F” parts(25mm), instead of “J”(25.4mm), and 1" tubing? Or possibly mistaken 1" conduit for 1" tubing?

That worked perfect. As soon as i loosed the bearing a bit it slide right in!! Thank you!