How tight is too tight?

I think all my printing is too tight, its not a smooth gliding rail, its got resistance.
The motors dont even have enough torque to make it move and I played with the pot on the stepper driver till the point where it protects itself from damage when trying to move the stepper

Shouldn’t be a printing issue unless you printed the standard version and needed the IE version.

Start by loosening the bolts on all the moving parts. It is plastic and they really shouldn’t be tight, I’d say barely snug. If you heard any cracking while you were tightening the bolts you went way way way too tight. You can control the tension this way. Start very loose and when you get a few long runs under your belt and the bearings have seated themselves give a bit more tension on the bolts.

What size is your conduit 23.5mm or 25mm, and which version did you print?

I went back with a fresh set of eyes and checked all my wiring I had the axis wired wrong.