How to carve like this....

I have Estlcam figured out for the most part. I’ve done engraving, carving and simply cutting out shapes. I’m interested in doing some work as seen in this video , Though not near as large a project at first. I’m just not sure of several things.

  1. Proper software for this
  2. Proper bits for this
  3. Should the DW660 run for extended length of time or better suited for a proper spindle

On a side note
Is there a way to pause / resume jobs? I know we can stop them, but I cant see how to resume them.

For software I think Estlcam can make cuts like that from an STL file. Vectric Aspire would be best but it’s very pricey commercial software. Rough cuts can be done with a regular endmill, whatever you normally use for wood. The finish passes will need a ball-nose endmill, size determined by the level of detail in the model and the speed at which the job needs to get done.

I was trying some 2.5 milling with fusion 360, and it works great.
As Leo said, regular flat mill bits for rough, and ball nose for finishing. If your work is not so big/complicated, you can do all with the ball nose, but it’s slowest than going with flat first and finishing with ball nose.

I’ll be ordered ball nose bits then. My time with fusion 360 has been very limited so far. I need to start learning it since it seems we will be switching to fusion 360 instead of Estlcam.

@Martin DB - OMG how could I forget about Fusion! I need to start learning Fusion ASAP. It really is a well-rounded, professional level CAD/CAM package.


you can do this with Estlcam, too.
You just need a STL file of the 3d part - once you open it Estlcam starts its 3d wizard:


Anyone figured out how to create tool paths from an .stl file ?

I can only import it as a mesh object, but that does not seem to work ?


Just open the stl file in estlcam and it brings up a really easy to use menu.

That’s exactly how I’m doing the tiles.

Using the free machining mode since I’m only doing one side. Haven’t gotten ambitious enough to do 2 sided milling yet!

Ah, yes sorry, I should have specified.
I would like to try STL in Fusion 360, because it runs on my Mac’s :slight_smile:

Got it working in Estlcam.