How to configure auto bed leveling?


I’m having problems configuring auto bed leveling for my 3D-printer setup for the MPCNC.

I have added the inductive sensor, wired everyting up, and I think I have configured marlin correctly for auto bed leveling feature. When I’m executing the G29 command to start the measurement of the bed, I get an error message saying “Home X/Y before Z”. My setup doesn’t have endstops for the X and Y axes (as recommended by Viscious1?), and because of this I can’t home the axes. Up until now, I have manually place the nozzle at “home position” and zeroed the axes using the command G92 X0 Y0 Z0. This does not help in this particular case. I still get the error message “Home X/Y before Z”, and the G29 command will not start the measurement.

I’m using repetier to control the printer. Repetier reports incorrect position of the nozzle afterin zeroing the axes manually, but I don’t think this should be the problems.

Does anyone know how to proceed? Has anyone else configured auto bed leveling without endstops for X/Y axes?


Pretty sure you need the endstops. The printer needs to know the travel limits before it can calculate the virtual zero plane.

Thanks, Barry. I’ll get some endstops and see it I can get any further :slight_smile:

I mounted two endstops, and everything works perfect now!

As a tip for other users trying to configure auto bed leveling user Repetier-Host: I had to manually issue the command M114 after running G29 (auto bed leveling procedure). The M114 command makes sure Repetier retrieves the current coordinates from the firmware.

What are endstops and how do you mount them? (I’m being lazy)

End stopsare small switches mounted on the X, Y and Z axis. You can see more information, mounting instructions etc here: