How to configure Marlin for dual z and dual Y axis

Sorry if its been asked before but im new to configuring Marlin. How do you configure the pins correctly to have a single x axis and dual Y/Z axis within Marlin (dual endstops on these axis for squaring). I flashed Ryans dual firmware to the board but this is for the MPCNC more so than the Lowrider. Physically plugging the steppers into the Rambo 1.4 is easy and already laid out in other post.

In configuration_adv.h, you can find the settings for X_DUAL_DRIVERS or something similar. I can never remember exactly.

Disable X, enable Z. Make sure the z2 endstop is what you want.

Thanks for the response Jeff. You help out a ton on here. Ill try to keep it short…Im looking for what to exactly type into arduino and where to type it into to get up and running. I built the MPCNC with dual endstops and had no issues as it squares up nicely. The Lowrider has the potential to be a dream but demands more programming for the same results. I need the Z axis to auto square and the Y axis (long side of table). Does anyone have the software file to flash the board (Rambo 1.4)? I need the precision as I build aluminum panels for my Pitts aerobatic aircraft. The MPCNC has done wonders for me but I have to build larger panels now.

You’ll have to do a bit of combining here, as dual on the lr isn’t standard.

Here are the instructions for flashing a rambo:

Here is the version that has dual endstops, configured for an MPCNC:

I would suggest trying to just go through the steps first, and make sure you can flash it with that software without changing it.

You will have to open Marlin/Marlin/configuration_adv.h and change and save it. The parts you need to change look like this:

  #define INVERT_X2_VS_X_DIR true   // Set 'true' if X motors should rotate in opposite directions
    #define X2_USE_ENDSTOP _XMAX_
    #define X2_ENDSTOP_ADJUSTMENT  0

You need to comment out the X, so it no longer has dual X. That first line should look like this:

Then a few lines lower you’ll see the Z section (which looks a little different):

Change that to: #define NUM_Z_STEPPER_DRIVERS 2

And then enable the endstops by removing the leading slashes on:

It looks like it is set to use xmax. For Z2.

E0 will be Y2. E1 will be Z2.

You can do this. :+1: If you get off track, go back and carefully look to see if you made a mistake. If you get an error, post it here, and one of us will help you.

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Thank you Jeff! It worked…now the next issue is that Z2 goes to XMAX and triggers properly however I dont know where Z1 is suppose to plug in. Im trying to get the Z axis to home in the up position.

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Nevermind…you have already solved this issue in a different form…Thank you a ton for all your work Jeff!

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