How to construct with current parts?

I’m building a ZenXY with some Tevo tarantula parts, specifically I have an MKS Base 1.4 Control Board, and this LCD, I can’t put a link but I’ve found it listed as “LCD Smart Controller Kit from Reprapdiscount”, here is a photo.

I have the ZenXY firmware, but wondered how I’d have to modify it for my smaller LCD, and my board.

Any help would be appreciated!

There is a section at the bottom of configuration.h with a bunch of screen choices. You need to disable the reprap full discount display and enable the other rep rap one, or whichever screen you have.

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I used that controller for a while.

The steps for Configuration.h are:

  1. Comment out the custom boot screen near the top. It won’t work with the smaller display, and will cause the compile to fail.

  2. Enable the RepRapDiscount controller.

  3. Disable the RepRapDiscount Full Graphic controller.

Done. It’s actually pretty simple. While you’re in the configuration.h, you might want to look at the table dimensions, make sure they’re reasonable for you.