How to cut angles?

Hey there!


As im kinda new to all this CNC stuff, i was asking myself : how do i cut angles?

I plan using the LowRider to cut some speaker boxes (hobby´ish) and being able to cut some angles would be nice.

It´s not that i only need 45degree cuts, there are many different ideas in my head (building folded horns for example)


Am i right, that i need to use the 3D functionality of Estlcam ?

Or is it possible in 2D somehow?


Thank you guys!

You can also do it with angled bits (v-bits). In either case, and Z depth will be critical.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a CNC router used to cut corner bevels like that. Unless you’re doing some really funky geometry, I’d use the CNC to cuts the parts to size and shape, then cut the bevels with a table saw.

The table saw would be the best way to go. You can do a 3D type cut but it will be slow and not truly a good angle cut for your purpose, the other way to do it is find a bit with the angle on it you want, and use that to contour the edge you need.

When you have injection molds (most any mold really) made all the cuts are done with a 2-5 degree taper bit. This leaves you with a angled wall to make part release easy.

Depending on the part and your table you may be able to jig the workpiece up at an angle so you’re only doing a 2D cut but forming the angle.

Would be tricky to do though unless your table design is one of those where the bottom can drop down so you could fit the workpiece in there angled.

So…yeah the table saw sounds like a quicker easier solution to me as well.

Okay :slight_smile:


Will use the table saw.