How to enable Temperature menu

I bought a RAMBo with the Lowrider2 bundle. The Temperature menu was enabled providing fan output. I’ve had to rebuild the Marlin software using the V1 configurations for the RAMBo board, but the Temperature menu does not show. I looked at the configs, but nothing looked to enable the Temperature menu. I looked into the source code and found a number of #defines that might turn the Temperature menu on. How is the best way to turn on the Temperature menu. BTW, I’m using Fan1 of the menu to run a laser, that is why I need the Temperature menu enabled.

Check out the info here

And here:
Laser on Rambo 1.4

If you have more questions let us know.

The link didn’t provide how to get the Menu changed within Marlin.

Sorry, The links I provided give details on how best to set up a laser on the Rambo board and I figured that was your end goal. I guess I dont understand what your going for. What temp menu are you looking for and why? As far as I know the only tempiture menu in Marlin is to controll the hotend and bed temps, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the fans. I belive to enable them you need to add an extruder in marlin. But if you do that, then you need to fake out all the other inputs and outputs its expecting or you will run into constant errors. Does that help? If not maybe a little more detail on what/why your after the temp menu will help me figure out how to help :slight_smile: or maybe I’m just being dense and someone else will read your question and answer it in 3 lines or less XD.

No problem with the links. They gave me other information that I found interesting.

It took me a number of hours to determine, you are right - I just didn’t have the information, you have to enable hot end or bed heating or heat chamber enables the temperature menu. I wasn’t interested in the issues that the three of those choices provided, so I made my own fix which seems to work with VERY limited testing.

Edit Conditionals_post.h
After the conditional, add:

Save, recompile, load into RAMBO.

Issue Resolved

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